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The Care Quality Commission made an unannounced visit to Approach Lodge on 17th October 2012. During their thorough all day visit they audited Approach Lodge on different essential standards and would reach one of the following judgements in each outcome looked into:

a. Compliant b. Minor Concern c. Moderate Concern d. Major Concern

We are proud to announce that we were judged as “Compliant” in all 6 Outcome areas for the second year running which is the best possible outcome available to us and we would like to congratulate our Management team, Jimmy Songa and Supriyo Roy as well as our entire staff team and group of service users for their contribution in this remarkable achievement.

Some of the quotes from the report include:

“We found that the home helped people in a positive way to maintain their mental health and wellbeing.”

“Two of the people living at the home did not speak English as a first language. For meetings where information needed to be exchanged about their mental health and wellbeing, interpreters were provided.”

“Medication was being held for all 6 people who used the service. Medicines were safely stored and the medication administration records were being kept up to date and were accurate.”