We are a 12 bedroom independence training home with 2 additional independence transition flats. We have won local, county and national awards including the Winner of Winners from Skills for Care because of the service and training we provide to both our team members and residents.

All of our bedroom are spacious, modern and clean benefitting from their own private en-suite. Additionally learners will have the choice of what their bedroom will look like inside. From having the opportunity to pick the colour their room will be painted, to what bedding they use, this gives a personal touch and warm homely feel to each individual room.

We have large communal rooms which include; a relaxing and quiet summer house, a comfortable lounge, well equipped kitchen and a bright and inviting dining room to mention a few. We also have an excellent learning room for learners to practice life skills.

We have two Independence transition flats next door to the home. Each flat has its own shower or bathroom and its own kitchen. We designed these flats to give our learners an environment where they could practice daily living skills by themselves, but with the support from staff if needed. All flats are equipped with assistive technology to guide and enable our learners to complete various tasks in day to day life without the need of staff.

We take a completely rounded out approach to training. We know that learning about life skills is only half of the battle and that practicing these skills in person is so important for anyone wanting to be independent. Our staff have been trained to do this.

Finally our garden is a place where everyone can chill out or play. With its own quiet rooms where you can take time out to read a book or speak to staff and friends.

If you would like to arrange a visit. Contact us here