The Care Quality Commission visited our sister company; Approach Lodge over a 2 day period in September 2011. During their visit they would be Auditing Approach lodge on different essential standards and would reach one of the following judgements in each outcome looked into:

a. Compliant b. Minor Concern c. Moderate Concern d. Major Concern

We are proud to announce that we were judged as “Compliant” in all 6 Outcome areas judged which is the best possible scoring available to us and we would like to congratulate everyone that has supported us with all of the improvements we have made in the last few years. Some of the quotes from the report include:

“The service continues to have a demonstrable commitment to proactive and supportive rehabilitation for people experiencing mental illness, providing good information on the service and being open in the way which communication with service users is achieved”

“The people who use the service can feel confident that the service seeks to ensure that their human rights are protected and that their views are sought and are acted upon”

“The provider has the necessary systems in place to protect people from abuse and is aware of how to respond to any concerns if these arise”

“The people who use this service can feel confident that there are effective and safe procedures to ensure that they can receive medication in order to manage their mental health difficulty and remain well.”

“Staff at this home are provided with an appropriate ongoing training programme and are supported through supervision in the work that they do”

“The provider has suitable and wide ranging systems in place to monitor the quality of the service that is provided”

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